Thursday, May 29, 2008


It has been a pretty good week since we got past the rain. Yesterday I rode the bus into work and then rode the mountain bike home. I was thinking to myself how awesome it is that I can ride my bike home on a route that is half road and half single track mountain biking through nothing but open space to and from work! It's pretty badass I won't lie.

So tonight I headed out to White Ranch after work which is down towards Golden. This place is packed with gnarly downhill and some ridiculously steep and tough climbs with obstacles. The main climb I did is called Belcher Hill and it is brutal! Steep grades and in some spots there is loose rock which makes it horrible to climb. I made it through the climb and took some serious punishment but it is time that I turn up the heat on training. I am already behind so I will be going hard to make up for lost time. Anywho I took a route after Belcher Hill that requires some hike a bike unless you are a freak of nature and can climb some ridiculous stuff(which the freaks do exsist out here and it is awesome to watch). I made it through all the hike a bike and it was time for a route called Longhorn. This is definitely a steep and technical downhill with little jumps lots of rocks, logs, tight single track, and 90 degree turns. As I was coming down one of these 90 degree turns I didn't get myself squared up and just below there was a 3 to 4 ft steep drop which was super tight between two rocks. I went into the groove fine but then as my rear tire came down I was almost vertical and my handle bars got wrenched and I went ass over tea kettle into a superman belly flop face first onto the trail where a rock was awaiting my chest to slamp into it. It was quite pleasant let me tell you. Oh well just another battle wound.

Alright I am exhausted and its about time to head to bed. Glad its Friday tomorrow.

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