Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slickrock and Sunshine!

Well we are hoping for good weather this weekend as Tim and I head out to Moab to meet up with Keith and a few of his buddies to do some bike riding! I have received the heads up on some good rides out in Moab from a my connection at work and I trust he has lead me to some of the best trails.

So far I have been out on a couple of rides on my new wheels and I am extremely happy with them. I am running a pretty big tire in the front at the moment so the bike doesn't climb as well but it is good training for when I run a smaller tire at the Breckenridge 100. I am still running a smaller tire in the rear to make up for some of the resistance up front and I like the feel of it thus far. The bigger tire in front makes cornering a breeze and I can trust it to hold my line a lot better than with a smaller tire.

I have to make it through the day tomorrow trying to make sure I get a few things completed before heading out for the 3 day weekend. Tomorrow will probably go a little something like this... I will get in around 6 am no one else will be in the office... I'll grab some coffee throw on the headphones, turn on Thugzone on iTunes Radio and rock out on completing some work for an auditor till about 8 am when people start to show up (quite a mental picture I know! HA)... I'll then grab a bagel (bagel Fridays at work) then throw the headphones back on and do a review of the variances of our expenses... meet up with Patrick and Vesa and make any changes we see needed. Hopefully then it will be about lunch time... grab some grub and do some queries for marketing and set up budget variance sheets... then... peace out! Hit the road for Moab and hopefully get in around midnight where Keith hopefully already has a campsite for us.

Alright hopefully some good stories and pictures later next week when I get back... until then!

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