Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I got the call from the bike shop today after they looked it over to make sure what needed to be done with the shocks. The front definitely needs to be rebuilt and have new seals put on it no big deal routine maintenance. As for the rear shock it's shot. I had already picked out the one I wanted from looking around on the internet. Joey the dude that works on my bike all the time said he would get it for me for $50 bucks off retail so I was STOKED!

It's definitely an upgrade from my old one and has a pretty cool technology. Versus completely locking out it has 3 settings. The first setting is full suspension where when you pedal and when you go over things the shock is completely open and absorbs everything but you also lose a lot of efficiency it is pretty much a downhill setting vs. a uphill pedaling setting. The second setting reduces some of the shock but still has some bob in it. The third setting which has all the technology, adjusts to when you are up attacking out of the saddle and completely locks up so you don't lose any efficiency through the drive train and wheels to move forward BUT it also absorbs bumps when you go over something. I rode this shock when I rode but buddy Greg's new Yeti he got. It's an awesome shock for sure. So I am pretty excited.

Here's a picture of the new addition.

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