Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plain and Simple

I want my mountain bike back... that's all I can say. Perhaps it is because I have put all this money into it and I want to ride it. I am struggling to get on the road bike though I still have been. Did a tough interval work out on it last night on the trainer since there was a threat of rain but I am just jonezin to get on the mountain bike. Hopefully I should have it back tomorrow night but I am supposed to go down to Denver to hang out with Jenny and Leia. I think I will probably take the bus down and then catch the bus back and ride on Saturday morning.

I'll then probably head back down to Denver Saturday afternoon depending on what Jen has plans to do but Leia is having a get together so I might go to that.

All for now... can't wait for the 3 day weekend even though it is going to be freakin nuts around here with the Bolder Boulder going on.

PS the Subaru survived it's first hail storm this afternoon. I heard it start coming down in my office and went out and watched the hail come down. Luckily the hail wasn't to big and it stayed somewhat warm so it didn't do any damage. Storm was over pretty quick but I guess north of here there was a pretty big tornado. Still a tornado watch until 8 pm. Back on the trainer again tonight... boring.. but has to be done.

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