Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moab and Funk + New Roommate

So the extended weekend in Moab was awesome! Tim and I got into town and the campsite at about 12:30am on Saturday morning. We awoke to beautiful sunshine and cooked breakfast with Keith Gnar and Joe Love from who met us from Steamboat. They got us a killer campsite that was close to both of the trails we rode over the weekend.

After breakfast we woke up and decided we would hit the Slickrock Trail which is world renowned. As we headed out the weather was beautiful and we were all excited to get some good riding in. Not more than 15 to 20 minutes in we were hitting the up and downs of the trail on nothing but awesome sandstone. As Joe, Keith, and I cleared a section of downhill to steep uphill we all looked back as Tim was coming down. Tim attacked the section and hit a little rut which sent him flying superman style. He flew out of the saddle and slammed onto the slickrock. I thought he slammed his face but luckily he had only ripped his forearm, hip, and shin on the pedals. It was a brutal fall that tore him up real good but it was still lucky cause he didn't hurt his dome.

We killed the Slickrock Trail sessioning a rock half pipe and headed back to the campsite for lunch. We hung out for a while drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine before we headed back out to the slickrock practice loop for the evening. This is when we got the shots along the canyon where I did some track stands along the canyon wall and freaked the guys out. We did some other free riding and had a good time. We headed back started a fire and enjoyed dinner and beer.

Sunday morning we worked at getting Keith around which is never easy. We decided we would do the Porcupine Rim trail which was 5 miles of climbing... 8 for Joe and I who climbed the road from the campsite and nearly 10 miles of downhill which had amazing drops and cliff singletrack. Keith couldn't handle the climb so he had Tim shuttle him up to the trailhead and Tim sat out since he was pretty beat up from the day before. Keith, Joe, and I shredded the downhill and then road back into Moab along the Colorado River. Tim was supposed to pick us up but Keith forgot his cell phone and reception wasn't the greatest for Joe who had his phone. So we grabbed some food, beer, and margaritas downtown and then I rode the 6-7 mile climb back up to the campsite to get Tim and the car and pick Joe and Keith back up in town.

Monday we headed to Fruita to do some singletrack and meet up with Rob who was coming down from Steamboat as well. The weather was a bit shaky but we headed out for some good rides anyway. Not 10 minutes into the ride I blew out my front tire on a high speed turn. Since I started running tubeless it was a complete freaking mess with sealant everywhere. I told the guys to take off and finish the ride while I cleaned up the tire and rim and put a tube in. We did another ride after that which was awesome and then Tim and I headed out for home while the others stayed around for another night of camping and riding. It was a great trip.

So tonight Alexis and I headed out to see my buddy Luke's band play in Boulder. Luke is touring out of Madison, Wisconsin and it was great to see him play. Turned out Alexis and I along with Luke's brother Boone and his girlfriend were the only one's there to watch him play. It was all good though as we heard a lot of new songs and they had fun entertaining us. I plan to head down to Arvada to watch Luke again tomorrow night and hopefully some guys from work will go as well.

Alexis has moved in and Tim is in Vegas with his Mom visiting his brother who lives there but will be moving back to Washington soon. Tim leaves on Friday for Montana and then Alexis and I will offically be the roommates.

This weekend is supposed to be awesome so I hope to get back on the bike and tear it up all weekend. Then next weekend Jennifer Galardi aka Jennifer White will be coming out with her husband to Denver to stay with Andy's brother. I can't wait to see her since it has been like a year and half since I have seen her. I love that girl and it should be good to see her!

All for now. Talk soon.


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Lincoln said...

I'm very jealous you were in Moab.