Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ain't broke... don't fix it!

Well I tried to do some preventative maintenance on the mountain bike today that ended up shootin me right in the ass. I put a new chain on the bike because it was definitely time however it wasn't broken. Turns out it caused my derailleur to bounce around a bit so I took it into the shop to have them take a quick look. They took one more link out. However, when I took it out to ride again it was still doing about the same thing. I thought maybe it needed to break in a bit so I kept riding. I started to climb one of the hills in south Boulder and bam chain snapped! SHIT I'm 6 miles from home. So then I go into Mr. Fix it and find a way to get it to hold so I can nurse it home. Looks like I'll be makin a trip into the shop again in the morning. I guess when you start to ride a lot these things happen.

Anyway today was a beautiful day out here. Had to have been about mid 80s. I felt like myself again this morning and ran some errands on the bike including getting some parts. Then I worked on the bike for a while in the beautiful sunshine. So hot I was sweating just sitting there but it felt good to get outside after the last couple of days stayin inside the whole day.

Looks like I'll get out on the road bike tomorrow unless they can fix up the mountain bike pretty quick. Supposed to be glorious as well.

On another note I am watching Indian Jones The Last Crusade and I never realized it before but the opening seen is filmed in Arches National Park. They film near Park Avenue and Balanced Rock as well as a couple of other arches. I guess I never new before because I haven't watched it since I went to Arches. Pretty cool though!

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