Sunday, May 18, 2008

If it breaks.... you have to fix it...

So going out for a mountain bike ride has pretty much become comical. Everytime I have gone out to ride since we were in Moab something has broke. I do consider myself lucky that nothing broke while I was in Moab though cause that would have really pissed me off.

Anywho today I went into the shop (where I am now known on a first name basis and get great treatment) to get my chain fixed. Ended up the reason the chain snapped was because my rear derailleur has pretty much taken a crap on me so that had to be replaced. Joey the guy who always hooks me up with advice and has worked on my bike endlessly fixed everything right up for me. I joked that they have seen way to much of me lately and he said he was sabotaging things on my bike to get me back in there to spend money. No not really he's a good cat and I have a general idea about bike parts I just can't fine tune them.

Anyway I go out for my ride this afternoon and end up putting about 40 miles in. However I lean down to lock my rear shock out for riding on the road back home and when I start pedaling I realize the bike is still bouncing a lot when I pedal which it shouldn't do with the lockout on. So I look down and yup the lock out is on and I am still bouncing. Then I realize there is fluid all over below the shock which explains why I am bouncing. Either I blew the seal (lets hope because it can be rebuilt) or I didn't catch it quick enough and it damaged the shock which means it needs to be replaced. Nothing I can do but get it worked on. So I'll be making another trip to the shop tomorrow and riding the road bike this week.

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