Monday, May 26, 2008

Now that's OLD SCHOOL

I had a fabulous weekend! My good friend Jennifer White (now Galardi) came out to Denver with her husband for a visit. Andy's brothers both live out here so Jen was able to kill to birds with one stone visiting Andy's family and seeming some old friends. I thought I was just going to meet her in Denver but turns out they all came up to hike in Boulder a couple of days. So I met up with them on Friday after they hiked and hung out in Boulder for a while. Later that night we planned to meet up in Denver as well where Leia Watkins was going to meet up with us. I know both Jen and Leia from high school and it is always great to see both of them.

Friday night I took the bus down to Denver where Leia picked me up since she lives super close and we went back to her place. She has a killer studio apartment right near Coors Field where the Rockies play not to mention it is super close to Market Street where a lot of the bars are. A couple of Leia's friend met us at her apartment as well and we headed out to meet up with Jen, Andy, and his brothers. We all met up and had a great time at a couple of different bars. I paced myself because I wanted to head home on Saturday for a bit and get a ride in since I got my mountain bike back on Friday night before I headed down to Denver. We had a great time and everyone had a lot of fun. Jen, Andy and his brothers all took off before the bar closed but I shut down the bar with Leia and her friends and then we headed out to go back to Leia's place. Leia got pretty loaded and was absolutely comical! She is way fun to be around. Our cab ride was freakin hilarious as well. The cab driver looked like Milton from Office Space and he had bongos in his cab. Not only did he allow us to play them he had one between his legs that he beat on every time we came to a stoplight, pretty freakin funny!

Anywho we stayed up till about 4am and then woke up at 8:30am and Leia, Riley, and I had to go get Riley's car since he parked it on the streets downtown and had to get it before he got ticketed. Leia, Riley, and I all then got breakfast before Leia dropped me off at the bus stop to head back and get a ride in. I ended up getting a 30 mile mountain bike ride in. It was awesome since the bike is now in tip top shape with the new shocks all dialed in! So glad I spent the money. Now it is time to recover from it and put some good miles in.

Leia had planned a barbecue Saturday evening at her place so after the ride I hopped the bus again and she willingly picked me up again. We had a great time at her place with some of her friends and also another long lost high school pal who was in town. Brock Delinski had flown in from Arizona to hang out with the lady he is seeing and he came over and hung out with us. It was great to see him and he is doing really well. We all continued to stuff our faces with great food and Leia once again got pretty tipsy. Turned out she didn't eat as much as the rest of us and also got in the hot tub with some of her friends and one of her friend's little boy to play around. This ended up back firing on her and by the time we went out at 11:30 Riley and I were not so up to it. Anywho Leia's friends Clay and Emily picked us up and we headed out. Leia was starting to not feel so hot and was on the verge of getting sick (mix of not enough food, no sleep, and too much alcohol accelerated by the hot tub). But she was the one who wanted to go out so we gave it a shot. THEN turns out we get to the bar and Leia forgot her ID. We ended up having to leave and head back. Some of us were not so disappointed. When we got back in the car to head to Leia's place, turns out she couldn't handle the 3 minute car ride so Riley and I walked her home. It was a good walk home and kind of funny. Leia was apologizing over and over while Riley and I just tried to keep her upright. We made it back successfully got Leia in bed and Riley and I had another beer and ordered Dominos. Then we went to bed as well.

Sunday was a relaxing day for all of us... well kind of. We decided to hang out at Leia's apartment pool. This was where it got interesting. Turns out two minutes after Leia and I got out to the pool to bake in the sun a whole crew of good ol boys... and yes I mean HAPPY BOYS! showed up with their mixed drinks and techno music. It was pretty crazy to see! There was a whole side of the pool just watching like WTF and the other side was all of them partying without a worry in the world. This went on for several hours. Leia, a few of her friends, and I just sat out and enjoyed the sun even though the craziness was going on in the corner. Her leasing agents actually had to come out and tell the wild ones to tone it down a couple of time. Once I got fried like a lobster and the clouds rolled in Leia, Riley, and I went into the complex and rented out the theater to watch a couple movies. After all was said and done Leia dropped me off at the bus stop and I headed back to my own bed after two nights of sleeping on a therma rest on Leia's hardwood floors. Not complaining though I actually slept really well and it was great of her to have me down there. She showed me a great time and she has some great friends.

Today I woke up after a great nights rest hoping to get some good riding in staying away from the 54,000 people running the Bolder Boulder 10K. Turns out it rained most of the day so I just cleaned up the bikes and stayed inside. I did get some slicks for my old rims so that I can ride the mountain bike on the trainer as well as the road bike. I got in an hour ride tonight and felt pretty good. I also made some homemade noodles for dinner this week. Other than that it was a relaxing day.

I had an awesome weekend seeing old friends! I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. To the three ladies who were hanging out in North Carolina this weekend I got your calls and texts. Glad you were having fun and I miss you girls too!

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Lincoln said...

You're lucky. I had to call the three girls in North Carolina myself. They didn't bother to text me.