Sunday, June 1, 2008


I keep forgetting to post something my Mom will be glad to know about. In the 2 years I have lived out here I have yet to see any critters (snakes) on the trails. This year I have seen 3 already. I saw one about 2 weeks ago and then on my ride on last Thursday I saw 2 of them on the same ride. I would rather do without!

Anywho I had another great weekend. I was going to go up to Ft. Collins with Leia to see Justin Sindelar however he didn't get ahold of me until Saturday afternoon when I was out on my long mountain bike ride and by then I had bought tickets to a concert here in Boulder for that night. So on Friday Leia went up to Ft. Collins anyway since she works half days on Fridays and then she stopped by here on her way back and we went out for some Pizza down on Pearl Street. It has been great to hang out with her more often lately.

Saturday Alexis and I got up and went to the farmers market and then I put in a great day on the bike. I climbed Flagstaff up to the Walker Ranch Trail. The Climb is about 10 miles and 2,000 ft on the road and then 8 miles on single track with one section that you have to hike a bike up steps for I don't know maybe 200ft up.... BRUTAL... especially since I wanted to stay in front these two hikers that I had passed right before it, which meant no stopping... I bonked for a bit after that but was able to recover after climbing the trail on the bike a ways to get ahead and eat some food and drink some fluids. It was pretty hot out but ended up being a great ride. In the evening I got cleaned up and Alexis and I went to see what turned out to be a PHENOMENAL show at the Boulder Theater. We went to see Paper Bird a local Americana/Folk/Ragtime/Jazz type sextet with 3 amazing women singers and 3 guys who play Banjo, Trombone, and Guitar. THEY WERE AMAZING! All of which are between the ages of 19-24. You all should check out their myspace page and give a listen. The link won't work so copy this into the address bar On top of that their opening act Laura Goldhamer was amazing as well. She has some super creative animation slide shows that go with her songs and she was so into it! Definitely a good show!

Today I went to Hall Ranch and did 3 laps up on the loop of the trail. It was a bit cooler but I was still feeling the fatigue of yesterday and I desperately need to go to the grocery store so I can load myself up on all the calories possible. I did do that tonight as well. I am going to start riding into work on the mountain bike as long as the weather stays nice which the forecast looks freakin amazing with 80s early in the week and 70s later in the week with nothing but sunshine though there is always a chance for rain in the after noons around here. Although that is what the bus pass is for if it does rain. I should be able to put in about 40 miles a day on the bike by doing so, so that should continue to progress my legs.

Alright everyone have a great week!

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