Monday, June 2, 2008


Today I had a great ride into work with a beautiful sunny morning in the 60s. The ride on the trails was peaceful and couldn't have been much better. I know the legs are improving because I had fatigue in them but was still able to ride on.

I was about to head out of the office for the ride home when I got an email from Greg the guy from work I occasionally ride with. He sent me a link to a 64 mile race this weekend in Gunnison down by Crested Butte in south central Colorado. The race is two laps on a course with about 4,000 ft of climbing each lap. It would be a great chance to see how the legs are doing and do some great training. I was going to head to Steamboat to get some big days in on Emerald Mountain with friends but I am contemplating the race for sure. I think I will wait to hear back from Greg to see if he wants to do it or not. It's only $25 to enter and all the money goes to the trails in that area where they have proposed to build a trail from Gunnison to Crested Butte which would be awesome! Anywho hopefully I'll get an answer from Greg tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.

Washed the bike when I got home tonight and it is ready for another ride into work tomorrow. Time to head to bed though. I have to leave at 6am to get to work and get a shower and what not and I am dog tired from staying up to late last night and riding in. Tonight I'll get some good rest though.

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