Saturday, June 14, 2008


It seems to be a requiring theme that I consistently don't get out on the bike until the hottest part of the day. It's not that I sleep in super late or anything but once I am up I eat a good breakfast then I let it digest and watch some tube and then what do you know it is 11am and the sun is blazin. Anywho I deal with it and head out anyway.

Today I ran some errands before I got on the bike which included going to the bike shop to get the rear mountain bike tire set up tubeless again. Joey the guy who always works on my bike for the most part was struggling with getting the tire to bead and once he did it turns out when I got the flat in the race last weekend I actually put a hole in the sidewall. The tire started to shoot the sealant out the side and guess what.... time for a new tire. I am realizing what happens when you really start to ride a lot. Good thing I have a new car and don't drive much cause my mountain bike is requiring more maintenance than a car haha! The good part though is I have worked my way into getting discounts everytime I buy something and get some free maintenance. They are good at taking care of there customers and I give them my loyal business. Win Win if you ask me and they understand that as well as I.

Anyway once I got back it was time to head out on the road bike for a few hours. I decided it was time to start climbing the canyons again. So I did non other than head to one of the steepest climbs around. Magnolia Road is stupid steep up off of Boulder Canyon. It is a calm uphill all the way to the start of the road and then it just goes up and up with gnarly switchbacks and steep straight aways for a couple miles. Then it chills out for a minute before it decides it wants to kick your ass again. So after I worked my way to "where the sidewalk ends" aka the road goes to dirt I turned and headed down. Did I stop with just that climb... no that's to easy even though I put some serious energy into the pedals. I got to the bottom of the road took a left heading west up the road about 500 yards and made a right to head up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Sugar Loaf starts out pretty mild but then towards the top completely works you. I made it to the summit dropped over the other side and was going to head down to "where the sidewalk ends" however, when I made it around a corner I remembered there was a steep downhill which I would have to come back up and decided better of it because I was almost out of water and would have probably been pushing the outer limits to make it back without completely working myself. So I turned her around and headed back to the apt. It was a killer hot day on the bike but the workout was great.

I was using the phrase "where the sidewalk ends" because that is the name of one of the rides around here that the pros do. It inlcudes riding Magnolia Road until the road turns to dirt... Sugar Loaf till the road turns to dirt, and lastly Super Flagstaff until the road turns to dirt. I forget the total mileage but the climbing adds up to about 8000ft. I was pretty happy that I virtually completed 2/3 of the ride. However, there was a lot left in reality because Super Flagstaff is a brutal final climb. I have done all of them seperately but just starting to piece all of them together.

Alright time to relax hydrate more and probably have a tasty beverage in the sun to reverse the hydration haha!

Happy Father Day again Dad since I talked to you earlier! Only a week till the Fam is together in Florida!

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