Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was at work yesterday when I received a call. The name didn't come up so it wasn't a number that I had. It turned out to be little Neil Kauffman. He and his buddies are on a rock climbing trip and Neil is headed out to California to work for the summer in the High Serrias next Monday. They have been climbing in Wyoming and are now in the Boulder area to continue doing some climbing. Looks like rain for the next couple of days so they might be out of luck at least for a day or two.

I met up with Neil and 3 of his friends for dinner and some beers on Pearl Street and we caught up on old times. It's good to see him and he gave me some further updates on Joel as well. I offered them a place to shack up so I have 4 guys in my living room 2 on the couch and 2 on the floor, makes it pretty tight around here but glad I could do it.

Alright I have to get to work... kinda busy this week and next. Perhaps some updates on Neil's stay later.

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