Thursday, June 5, 2008

Decision made...

To ride the Gunnison Original Growler 64 mile mountain bike race this weekend ( for those of you who want to read a bit about it. I talked with Greg tonight and though he won't be going to the race with me as of now because he has his daughter this weekend I have made the decision to ride it. He was saying he wished he didn't tell me about it so then he wouldn't have to be jealous of me hahaha! However, he gave me some wise words of wisdom from his experience in training for rides and told me not to blow it up this weekend and just continue to slow and steady get ready for the Breckenridge 100. I will definitely just be riding the race for a good training ride and enjoying a new area of riding.

Work has been busy with getting the month closed and walking our Senior Accountant through the process again. In the morning Patrick and I will be going over the monthly variances getting ready for a meeting with our CFO mid morning. Then I get to start learning some more new tasks with our Forecast 2 being due next week to our parent company Dassault Systemes. As Vesa is getting settled in Patrick is getting ready to pass more duties onto me which I am excited about. I still struggle with passing things on to Vesa but when I am forced to it makes it easier as more things come my way.

The rain is supposed to subside tomorrow so I will probably get a small ride in depending on what time I get out of the office. I am also planning on going to my local bike shop (The Trek Store) since Bob Roll and Gary Fisher will be there for a talk after hours from 7-10pm. Bob Roll is one of the announcers for VS. on Cyclism Sundays and also during coverage of the Tour De France. He has also ridden the Tour. As for Gary Fisher, he is one of the mountain bike pioneers and has his own line of bikes called Gary Fisher. Should be a good time.

Saturday I might go for a short ride here in the morning but then I plan to head down to Gunnison and get registered and set up camp. I will also check out where the course starts at 7am on Sunday. Probably take it easy for the rest of the afternoon hanging out either in town or at the campsite. I'll hopefully get some pictures and have a good report on Monday or Tuesday about how things week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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