Thursday, April 10, 2008

Closing down Steamboat

Well I spose it's time I let you all in on how the last weekend at Steamboat for the winter season of 2008 was. Spectacular is how it was. Steamboat had a record season and I had about 4 weekends there all of which were phenomenal! We even got 6 inches of new snow on the last day to play in!

Tim and I took off Friday night to head up in the new Outback and the ride was glorious! No wind blowing in through the door seals, headlights where you can actually see what is in front of you... which is a good thing cause there were deer everywhere, CRUISE CONTROL!, and just an all around smooth ride.

Saturday we awoke early to shred with Jess and Keith... and then before we knew it, by noon or shortly there after we were at Rag's on the mountain and rolled out with a group of about 15 people to terrorize the slopes! That is exactly what we did too. Everyone we were riding with was awesome and we never had to wait for anyone. It was pure craziness with people just rippin down the mountain! Definitely the most fun I have had riding with a large group. Most of the time you get separated or are waiting on someone, but not with this group. Everyone took off rode together, almost collided with each other only to laugh about it and say damn THAT WAS CLOSE! and then continue on tearin down the mountain!

Then Sunday we headed out at a decent time again to playin the fresh snow and hike the Pony Lift terrain since they had closed the lift. Then runs were awesome and untouched and lots of fun. We did several laps on the steeps in amazing conditions. Before long it was time for everyone to head up to gate D and party. That was when Tim and I said goodbye and headed home.

Nothing to crazy went down at night but we had a great time and it was probably our last weekend snowboarding this year. It was a great weekend to finish on.

I have included some pictures and videos for your enjoyment.

Tim and Jess on Saturday morning... I caught Jess in mid yawn but it looks like Tim is making her cry! HAHA!

Keith Gnar with his breakfast and milkshake at The Shack!

Short hike up to No Names

Tim droppin some rocks on Pony

Tim, Sarah, Gangsta (yes that is what he is known by) and Keith Gnar

This is why you don't jump in flat light... flat light = ground all looks the same never know when it is coming which = face plant!

Riding the lifts with Keith Gnar is always entertaining

I'll have a couple more videos in the coming days... they take forever to upload.

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Lincoln said...

Those pictures and videos made me forget, for one brief moment, that we're expecting 80 degrees in Boise this weekend.