Sunday, April 13, 2008

That's Better

Today the weather was beautiful and Tim and I headed own to White Ranch in Golden. We planned to ride Belcher Hill up to the Longhorn trail and ride that back down. Longhorn is a pretty technical downhill and I was looking forward to getting some good video to post. However, once we got to the top of the brutal Belcher Hill climb Tim was pretty tuckered out with a headache and we ran into some wet conditions and snow on the north side of the trail. Tim had a small outburst since he wasn't feeling so well and was not in the mood to keep riding to see if the trail got any better so we turned around. I don't think he suffers as well on the bikes as I do plus he doesn't ride as much as he seems to prefer running. I was disappointed about turning around because I wanted to get a good ride in today after yesterdays disaster on the road bike. So sorry no videos or pictures to post.

Once we got back home I at some lunch and chilled out for a bit but had a lot of pent up energy and frustration since we didn't ride longer earlier. That lead me to head back out on the mountain bike. I rode out of the apartment to Heil Ranch which is a trail I usually drive to with Tim but it is totally within riding distance for me. It's about a 30-31 mile ride. I didn't know if I was going to be able to complete it with the brutal climb earlier in the day but I don't have much quit in me when I am on the bike and I pushed myself through it. The legs are pretty tuckered out but it feels awesome and the weather is supposed to be good for most of the week so hopefully I have started to build my form. I was feeling pretty weak in my core and triceps as the ride progressed and the downhill gave me a bit of trouble but I'll start adding pushed ups and situp variations to hopefully work on gaining strength. Today was a good day and hopefully there are more to come.

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Lincoln said...

Tim being a little bitch again? What else is new?

totally kidding. i would have quit long before he did.