Monday, April 21, 2008

Mothers Visit

So there is only one word to describe my mom's visit... PHENOMENAL! She arrived on Thursday night and we had an amazing dinner at The Chop House! STEAK MMMMM GOOOD! I had planned to take her there on Saturday night for her birthday on Sunday but she felt that she needed to take me out for a late birthday dinner and wanted to take me out for steak. So I compromised and we decided to go there anyway and I agreed as long as I still got to take her out for a dinner elsewhere Sunday night. The dinner was fantastic and we talked and caught up on things.

Friday we headed down to Morrison to meet up with one of her former colleagues for lunch. They caught up and we had lunch and then the Moms and I headed to Red Rock Amphitheater just up the road. We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather that was setting in for the weekend. Friday night we went up to a pizza place (Proto's) in North Boulder that I had wanted to check out for a while. The salad and pizza were delicious and then we headed down to Pearl Street for the evening to watch all the people.

Saturday it was early rise as usual with coffee and breakfast down at Paradise Bakery. The weather was once again awesome as it was everyday. After that we headed up into the mountains to check out the views and drive through Gold Gate State Park. The mountains were gorgeous and the Moms enjoyed herself. We came back down to Boulder for dinner at BJ's on Pearl. We finished off the night again by watching all the people on Pearl Street as we did every night. It's always a good time and my parents love to hang out there.

Sunday was probably my proudest day. We went down for breakfast on Pearl again and then headed out to Hall Ranch where I mountain bike quite a bit. I thought it would be cool to let my Mom see one of the more technical mountain bike rides around here and get some good hiking in. We had planned just to go about half way up the climb and watch the bikers but my Mom was able to make it all the way to the top and she did it creating 2 big blisters one on each heel! I was so proud she kept going and made it up there. Once again lots of sunshine and good views. To end the weekend we headed to the Cheesecake Factory where I got my mom her birthday dinner! What a great weekend it was! I also got her a pottery mug and a kick ass Patagonia T-Shirt she picked out! Though it took some coaxing to get to her let me buy her the T-Shirt!

Anyway lots of fun and a great weekend!

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