Monday, April 28, 2008

YAA! and blah...

Well it seems I have succeeded in either wearing myself down riding over hard over the last week or picked up some allergies\cold or both. I awoke this morning not feeling so hot with a stuffed nose and sneezing like crazy. However, I knew I had to get a few more things together for the auditors from the City of Westminster that were coming in to do an audit. I got to work just before 7am draggin complete ass. Patrick got in around 8:30am and I told him things were not looking up for me but I wanted to be there for the auditors to make sure they got everything they needed. He had me brief him on everything since he was out on Thursday and Friday and told me to get out of there and get some rest. So I finished up some things right quick and headed home to relax all day and hopefully keep this from getting any worse.

Yesterday Tim, Robert, and I went up to Hall Ranch and tore it up. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. A few diggers and a lot of speed and bumps later we finished up with some good pictures and Robert got a good video of me almost cleaning a tough section. Not great quality but still good. Mom you remember the section we sat and watched those guys try over and over. This is the one.

Here are some pictures.

Me cleaning a 45 degree rock with a 1 foot vertical section to get onto the slope.

Robert on a tough uphill rock as well.

Tim following suit.

All I can say is WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tim saw me fly off this roller the first time and was like damn dude you want to do that again cause that was huge! So what was I going to say no... PSHHH!!! I was like hell yeah! Turned her around and went at it again!

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