Monday, April 14, 2008

Pleasure spiked with pain

The weather today was the best it has been this year. The sun was shinning it was mid 70s and the skies were clear as can be! The snow on the white capped mountains gleamed and I relished in it with the view from the office.

I had some more drama with the new car deal today about getting the Jetta towed into the dealership. They wanted me to pay for it when I was clearly under the impression they were going to pay for it. I had an argument with the sale guy about it Friday nearly two weeks after I had bought the car and he said he would get back to me. Nothing happened until today when he called and told me they had towed it and he wanted me to pay $50 of the $125 it took to tow it to Longmont. We both expressed our points and I said I would come in tonight to take care of it. He called me back 10 minutes later and told me not to worry about it anymore they would take care of it! I won! There was a lot that transpired in the arguments and I stuck to my guns. I put my passive behavior in my back pocket for once and let them know they weren't going to push me over on this one. In the end I am happy as I now have everything taken care of with insurance (including renter's insurance to protect all my toys which I should have got a long time ago) for the car and the trade in with the Jetta done. All that is left to do is get the plates which doesn't have to be done till the end of May.

After I got done dealing with the car I came home and jumped on the road bike from a small climbing session before it got dark. I ended up doing the climb twice and though it hurt my muscles are slowly starting to handle the pain of turning the pedals over once again. It feels so good even though it hurts so bad. It's true that it's 90% mental to keep going. Twaz a good day.

My wonderful mother Downstairs Donna gets into town on Thursday and I am pretty darn excited. She will be here until her birthday on Monday and I'm glad she'll be out here spending it with me. Just hope the weather turns nice again as we are supposed to get rain/snow on Wednesday.

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