Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today the weather cleared up a bit from the craziness we have been going through over the last week. Temps were about 50 degrees and the sun was in and out but the winds were about 13 mph and had some gusts here and there. It was good to get out but I knew about 15 minutes into the ride I just didn't have it today. It seemed like I was working hard whether I had the wind behind me or in my face. Turned out I could only stay out for about an hour and half which was about an hour and twenty minutes longer than what I felt like my body was willing to do today.

Once I got home I knew my body wasn't happy with me when I started to get the effects of a migraine. I popped a few pills and took a nap which helped a bit but when I woke up I felt stage 2 of my normal migraine cycle with nausea. I am still feeling a bit nauseous but much better than I did a few hours ago.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better as I plan to get out on the mountain bike possibly with Tim. It's supposed to be super nice with sun and 60s so it should be a good day. Tonight I think I will hang out and get some sleep and hope tomorrow is better. Really hoping the weather stays a bit more consistent as I really need to start riding everyday. Only about 3 months till the big ride so I need to start getting the legs back and start climbing a lot more. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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