Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tim and I officially have clean living room carpets. One realizes just how amazing it is that their mother can keep carpets soooooo clean. But I spose that is also the difference between owning a home which has value to you and renting an apartment which really doesn't have much value.

Tim and I's living room carpet was ridden with chain lube stains and dirt from running the bikes in and out of the apartment. But they cannot remain outside as they pretty much cost as much as a used car. My bikes were definitely worth more than the ol Jetta monetarily in the market anyway. But with that said not all the stains came out however for a rental carpet steamer the carpet looks pretty good. Mother you will be proud. I also just cleaned the coffee pot for your arrival. Brings back memories of when you ran vinegar through the coffee pot and I complained up and down about the horrid smell. By the way I am still complaining to myself about the stank!

On another note we finally got our Senior Accountant in at work today. It's good to have her arrival and in several weeks I will no longer have to do payroll or accounts payable. With the arrival email of Vesa our Senior Accountant my boss announced my promotion to Financial Analyst to the office as well and I received props from several people as well as a VP. It was good to feel the appreciation and I look forward to progressing in my new position.


Lincoln said...

Clean carpets huh? How domestic of you two.

Brando said...

I believe you mean how domestic of me.