Monday, March 31, 2008

Proud Owner of a Subaru Outback!

Well boys and girls I got the call from the mechanics today and it wasn't a good one. Turns out the fuel pump was shot in the Jetta and it is located inside the gas tank and therefore it is going to be more than I want to put into the Jetta. So after some talks with the parents it was decided that I should start looking for a new car. Little did I know I was looking on the last day of a pretty good deal on Subaru Outbacks.

Most of you know I have wanted an Outback for quite and while and after the winter I had this year where the Jetta was a little out matched my desire to have an Outback increased. However, I had the will power to say that I didn't need to get one unless something went wrong with the Jetta that wasn't going to be worth fixin. Even with the Jetta breaking down I was still awfully hesitant to pull the trigger on getting a new car. However, after the discussions with my parents I started asking around today at work speaking with some people who have Outbacks. I talked to my CFO and he put me in touch with a very nice sales lady in Longmont who laid out my options. She told me how there was a deal that ended tonight. She ran some numbers for me and I talked it over with my boss who was also very helpful adding some insight to what my parents had to say. He told me to go check it out so I hoped the bus after work... grabbed Tim's car and headed to Longmont.

I took a Quartz Silver Outback out for a spin and it was everything I thought it would be. I went back inside and went over all the numbers with the sales lady again testing out several options including one of the upgraded Outbacks. I decided however to stay within my limits and think about the basic Outback a bit more. I ran through everything with the parents again since all of this is completely new for me and a lot to register at once. They agreed it was a good deal and a much better option than fixing the Jetta. I went back in and went over everything again and well... I now own a Quartz Silver Outback!

It still hasn't really sunk in but I think it was definitely the right move. I now have a reliable car and road side assistance. I know this makes me happy and I know that those around me are more comfortable knowing that I am roaming the mountains in a trustworthy car.

This isn't mine but it is just like this.

With all that said, I have to give props to the Jetta which has gone places it should have never gone and carried loads of my and others crap without even hesitating... well maybe a bit of hesitation. But in the end it has been a fantastic car even with the work that has had to be done on it over the last year and half. I enjoyed that car and will forever have some great memories of the times spent traveling the country in it.

Alrighty well tomorrow I strip down the Jetta get a few more pieces of paper work to the dealership and bring home my new love tomorrow. A new car means new adventures... but I will never forget my old adventures with the Jetta!


Stephanie said...

fabulous! now i think you should definitely think about driving the new car down to okie city for a weekend! :)

Lincoln said...

Swing by Boise before you head down to OKC...k?

Anonymous said...

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