Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank you all!

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes! It was just another day here in Boulder as the weather was not all that great. Yesterday was almost 70 but the winds were also at about 30 mph so that didn't make it a great day to get out on the road bike at all not to mention I was tired from the long night before and still bummed out about not being able to spend my weekend how I wanted to conditioning the legs for the big ride in July and taking lots of pictures with my new camera... but there will be other opportunities to come. It was back to 40 and rain/snow mix today and probably tomorrow but then supposed to get nice again so hopefully I can get out on the bikes in the middle of the week.

So I won't hear any news about the Jetta until tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when the mechanics get a chance to look at it since they are closed on the weekends. I did find out today from Robert that after he dropped Tim and I off at our apartment that not to long after the hitch on the trailer we towed the car back on sheared off! I guess the bolts that were on the hitch were not rated for that trailer and Robert's Uncle was sure to go in and rip the guy at the dealership a new one! That would have been eventful if they bolts had broke when the Jetta was on there! Anyway I guess they got the right bolts put on the trailer is now how it should be. The safety chains would have keep the trailer in tow but man would that have ever made for a really long night if they broke on I70 coming back. All I can say is whewwww....

Thanks again everyone for brightening my day after a not so pleasant weekend!

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Lincoln said...

when i moved to boise i towed my car behind a u-haul truck. it was hooked on to a tow dolly with tire straps. i checked it 200 miles into the trip but after that...forgot about it. the next morning when I went to take the car off the dolly...i saw both tire straps had slipped off. luckily, one slipped towards the it still held the car in place. if could have been bad.