Saturday, March 29, 2008

Total Bummer

So I shouldn't be blogging right now because I should be tearin up some single track. However, about 5 miles out of Glenwood Springs the Jetta started sputtering and then just died. So we started calling Tow Truck Companies and they wanted like $160 bucks to Tow it 5 miles into Glenwood Springs... RIDICULOUS! So my buddy Robert that was with Tim and I said screw that we will get my Uncles Big Rig and Trailer and it will cost you under $200 bucks in fuel and we won't have to get a hotel and what not and we can drop it off to a mechanic in Boulder. Sooooo that's what we did.

We sat in the car in Glenwood Canyon for about 5.5 hours while Robert's buddy Dan and his girlfriend Kim rounded up the Truck and Trailer and drove out to us. We passed time grubbin, bullshittin, and watching movies on my IPod hooked up to my headphones. It was quite the seen.

Tim and Robert enjoying our quality time together... actually wishing they were sittin next to a campfire drinkin beers.

Wedding Crashers = Quality

Ol Jetta all loaded up.

Dan and Kim showed up at just over 1am we loaded the Jetta and took off. By 5:45am we were back in Boulder and had the Jetta dropped off at the shop.

I am still really bummed out about not being able to ride out in Fruita this weekend but I know things worked out about the best they could have. We think the car just has a clogged fuel filter or some kind of senor problem because it will turn over it just isn't getting any gas. We check the fuel line and it seems like the fuel pump is working so I am just hoping for the least amount of problems. Probably won't know until Monday or Tuesday. Sty Tuned.


Lincoln said...

Um...I've got a few things to say.

First...Happy Birthday.
Second...I feel like a stupid, douchebag, jack-ass friend because I only found out TODAY that you had a blog. I'm not quite sure how that passed me by, but it did...and I'm sorry. I will be a loyal reader from now on.'s interesting to see how my friends' cars are starting to kick the bucket. You become acquainted with them quite a bit when you were it's a little sad to see one die. As for the Camry...I'm waiting for it to kick the bucket any day.

Robert said...

Dude, I'm really ready to get back on that horse and give it he good old college try