Thursday, March 20, 2008


... probably one of my biggest fans is going to be coming out to watch me suffer probably the most I ever have in my life. My Mom ol "Downstairs Donna" has booked a flight to come out and cheer me on during the Breckenridge 100. I am stoked about the idea of spending the weekend up in Breckenridge and hanging out with her (for what will be the 3rd time in 4 months, including her visit in April, then June in Florida for my parents 30th Anniversay) rare in the last several years.

The riding has begun as yesterday I went out and climbed a wee bit in the mountains after work and pushed myself just shy of what is my limit right now which isn't much I must say however the torture of climbing steep grades brings me into a place I love to be. You have to fight your mind and body in order to keep going and that's what I love about it. Once I reached the top of the climb and after wanting to stop and turn around several times I descended the other side and turned around and climbed right back up vs. going around on the flats back to the apartment. It felt good.

Tonight I picked up the mountain bike from getting a "deluxe tune up" and wanted to ride the trails but a cold front that blew in off the mountains and clouds that blocked the sun kept me from doing so. However I jumped on the trainer and rode to cycling workout video and pushed myself for an hour. It was a good work out and I can feel the results already. The legs are tired and it's a good feeling. As the weather continues to get warmer the riding will pick up and so will the shape I'm in. Slow and steady I'll get back to the shape I was in on the ride with AJ. I can't wait for that!

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