Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekends with the Mustache

Alright so it has been a while and Stephanie I apologize for not posting so quickly after you left but I haven't been in the mood to write up a blog however here it is.

So last weekend Stephanie and Jenny came out to visit. They flew in on Tuesday night and headed up to Eagle about 20 miles west of Vail to Steph's sisters place and Tim and I planned on meeting them on Thursday night, ride Vail on Friday, and head up to Steamboat to hang out with some old friends riding on Saturday and partying Saturday night before getting Jenny and Steph back to the airport for their flights on Sunday.

Thursday night came and Tim and I took off up to Eagle where we had a fun night out at Broadway Cafe/Bar drinking Chocolate Martinis which are an interesting drink. Let me describe the ingredients. Kaluha (spelling), Bailey's, Vodka, and a shot of espresso! Wow those things will mess you up in a hurry not to mention we were not supposed to drink that night. Anyway it was a good time hanging out with Angela (Steph's sister) and her husband Carl (crazy freakin Kiwi!). It was nice of them to let us all crash on their floor and then shred with us the next day at Vail where the conditions were FANTASTIC!

A picture of the crew back at Angela and Carl's place after we had of course been drinking.

So Friday after riding we all headed up to Steamboat after loading the Jetta down with all our gear and 5 people. Jenny's friend Isabel came out with her as well so it was Tim, Stephanie, Jenny, Isabel, and myself packed into the Jetta. Tim and I were comfortable... not so sure about the 3 lovers in the back haha!

Anywho we arrived in Steamboat Friday night where our friend Claire from England cooked us up a delicious rendition of Shepard's Pie! Tasty indeed. After that Tim and I headed over to Keith's place... our normal hide out while in Steamboat. This is the main reason why...

HAHA just kidding but I do love that sign! Keith proudly hangs it from his wall. So we all took it easy Friday night but awoke in the morning to shred some of the 14 inches Steamboat had received Thursday night that were left overs from what people didn't tear up on Friday. There was plenty good snow out there and we found it.

Tim and I rode the morning with Keith then in the afternoon we rode with Steph, Claire, Isabel, and Heidi. Jenny came down with something and missed out on the riding at Steamboat. Then Dave (old roomie from Steamboat) showed up and when most were tuckered out he and I went and hit up some of the stuff that the girls can't really get after (no offense). Dave took me to some new cliff drops that he found up on East Face. I have to say they were a couple of the best I have done. The second one I had Dave go down and poke around to see if there were any rocks underneath since it was about a 15-20ft cliff. Turned out it looked like a safe drop and I went after it. I didn't get as much speed as I wanted but I dropped it successfully and that was the last run of a good day! It's always a great time riding with Dave cause he is crazier than I am and I know it is safe to huck myself off something because I have just watched him do it! HA!

Tim, Dave, and I at Bear River after riding.

Saturday night we went out on the town with the old crew and had a good time. Nothing to crazy which is kind of out of the ordinary but I knew I didn't want to drive 3.5 hours with a full car and be hung over. Sunday morning we got up and had our usual breakfast at Freshies before we took off to head back to Boulder.

All at Cantina's, no order, Julianne, Dave, Heidi, Steph, Jenny, Tim, and Isabel

The crew at Freshies!

Turned out to be a fantastic trip and I'm glad part of the fam could make it out to see us!

So this weekend Tim's brother Sam came into town. He flew up from Las Vegas to do a weekend of riding with Tim and I at Vail. Sam is just learning how to snowboard and when we walked through the door to our apartment I saw he had a soft cast on his arm and I was like what in the world. Turns out he fractured his hand the second time out snowboarding but he was determined to ride with us and he did. We had a great day up at Vail the sun was shining and Tim and I put a hurting on Sam. By just after 12pm his legs were shot and he was struggling.

Tim and I decided to take him to the Gondola to download and we thought we had pointed him in the right direction before we took off and rode down to it but there was a miss understanding and we lost him. But after about an hour and half we ended up meeting up with him at the base of the Gondola. He had downloaded another lift and went into Vail Village instead of Lionshead where the Gondola is but he took the bus over and all turned out well. Two good weekends.

Below is a picture from Vail with the Handle Bar Mustache I decided to grow just for the girls coming out! I decided to hold onto it for another week but it was shaved off today. Good times though! I think I will have to bring it back on occasion just for funzzies!

P.S. Sorry about the small pictures but I stole them off facebook from everyone and they won't upload any larger through the blog.