Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mountain Biking is Back!

Tim and I had a great couple of days mountain biking this weekend. Yesterday we headed up to Heil Ranch just down the road 5-6 miles. It is about a 10 mile lariat which is super rocky in some parts but has some real good sections. I decided to red line the heart rate for a while and then let Tim catch up. I did that 2-3 times and it felt amazing to be back on the mountain bike climbing and downhilling. Tim did really well too and the running he has been doing has helped him not get as frustrated.

Today I was going to head out on the road bike since we got snow last night however as the sun was out all morning almost all of it melted and by the time I had finished cleaning the place a bit Tim was awake and I threw out the idea of jumping back on the mountain bikes again and he was down. So we headed up to Lyons to ride Hall Ranch which has some super technical rock sections but then some fast single track on the top of the lariat. The ride started out well and it was a beautiful afternoon but then we hit the muddy sections on the north sides of the trail where it was shaded and it turned out to be a complete mud fest! It was good training though as you really had to be on top of your game with your balance and you had to put a lot of power into the pedals running a higher gear so you didn't spin out. Towards the end of the ride the mud had really become a problem as our chains and gears were binding up because there was so much mud. I have included a couple of pictures of my bike after the ride. You can see Tim in the background covered in mud as well. We had to take our bikes to the car wash to clean them and then we spent an hour getting in the crevices getting out what wouldn't come off at the car wash. Note it is super fun riding in the mud but cleaning the bikes afterwards sucks!

Sorry about the lighting I took the pictures with my cell phone not the greatest pictures.

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