Thursday, October 4, 2007

No even going to try...

So I am not even going to continue with my blog about the trip for one reason and one reason only... AJ wrote a great journal about our time together and I think you all should read that instead. Go to and go to the journal tab and read stage 6. I don't believe he has posted it on the site yet but he did send the journal out so subscribe to his news letter and you might get it. If not check back and he will get it posted. He also has all of the pictures from my segment of the trip uploaded and they are pretty fantastic! Check it out seriously!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am more than stoked about it. Reason being... I am going to head out to Fruita, CO a mountain biking single track mecca. Nothing but super fast 12-24in wide trails for bikers to blow through with beautiful scenery. I have not ridden there before but I have been through the area and heard a ton about it. The weather doesn't look like it is going to be to helpful calling for 50% chance of rain on Saturday and 40% on Sunday but I am going to go check it out and hopefully get some good rides in. I want to get about 50 miles in each day but I am not thinking that is going to happen especially if the weather doesn't participate. I don't think I will mind if I end up getting rained on since I have had plenty of that recently but it would be nice if it held out for me. Anyway, I will be back Sunday night hopefully with some good tails and pictures to post.

All for now I hope everyone has a great weekend! Reagan keep my niece in until I get back! HAHA! I might have service out there but who knows. I don't want to miss your call! Until Sunday...

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