Friday, October 12, 2007

Ahhh the weekend...

The weekend has finally come. I got through a major part of the budget process today. I sat down with my boss in one of the conference rooms and we pounded out all of the budget sheets for each department and sent them out with appointments for me to meet with each dept head if they have any questions. When they all come back I will be rolling them all up into spreadsheets that will be presented to the execs and then sent off to DS our parent company for the first round of slaughtering haha. Then we get to do it all again. Anyway it was a big relief but next week brings on more of the same. However, I am going to forget about all of that for a few days because it is the weekend and I don't think about work on the weekends! HAHA!

So Timmy is going to go up to Arapahoe Basin tomorrow because snowboard season has begun! Yes that's right it was the first mountain to open in North America. There is only one run open and people are calling it the white ribbon of death because there only one strip of snow mostly man made on the mountain as the run and the rest is well... like a mountain that isn't covered. Rocks, trees, grass, and whatever else stickin and juttin out of the ground for you to slam into if you go off the run. Anyway it is going to be pretty lame with just one run... it would remind me of the old days at Swiss Ditch... which was actually fun but I think I have moved on from that and I can wait till Nov 9th when Keystone and Breckenridge open with at least a few more runs than that. But I will be there when those resorts open no matter what haha! With that said I am passing on the opportunity to go.

So what am I going to do with my weekend?... Well lets just say I think I have some good plans and I will let you all know about them tomorrow... I think I will just take off somewhere... that always seems to work out well for me!

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