Sunday, October 21, 2007


... that is exactly what I was this weekend. It all started Friday night when I went out with some friends from work on Friday night. I was just going to go out for dinner and a beer with the crew since I had to drive down to Arvada to hang out with them. No gettin tipsy when you have to drive back to Boulder. However, it turned out that the crew I was with started gettin really tipsy so I ended up staying out with them shutting down the bar to drive them back to one of their apartments. I was actually the responsible one. I didn't mind and it was kind of nice not spending a bunch of money and still being entertained by them all. But not getting home till almost 3am made me pretty tired. So Saturday when I woke up all I felt like doing was sitting around and getting stuff done around the apartment. Which is exactly what I did along with getting a few things done for work to hopefully make my week a little easier.

Once again today it was more of the same. I did a major number on cleaning the apartment, cleaning my bike, and just kind of hanging out. The weather was pretty chilly as well and we got a few flurries here in Boulder. I do love the cold weather but looks like it is going to warm up again this week.

On another note Graham Knapp is crashing on our couch for possibly up to a month. His parents are looking into buying a house for him down in Denver and they have put an offer down that was accepted however, it still has to go through the inspection process. It will be good to have him down there so we can go to events downtown and have a place to crash. We are planning on having Thanksgiving down there if everything works out with the house so that would be awesome!

Alright I am kind of out of it and need to head to bed. Possibly heading back out to Fruita this weekend but with some fools this time. Tim and Graham will probably go and Keith Gnar is going to come down from Steamboat with a buddy of his. Should be a good time if it all works out but it could fall through we'll see. If so I am sure I will find something to get into. It's good to have a lazy weekend now and then but I think it's time to get back into the bike riding groove indoors or out.

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