Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surprise Weekend!

I am finally sitting down to write about what I had been holding out about for my weekend plans. Over the weekend I made what was a surprise trip to some. I took off to Charlotte, NC to see all of my family and my baby niece Camden who was born last week... see previous post, and a couple of my other "family" members from Glacier and Steamboat. My trip was awesome! I totally surprised my sister Reagan who had no clue I was coming down. She kind of took a double take when she pulled up in the driveway at her house and I was standing there waiting to see her reaction!

Saturday when I got in I hung out with the family for a bit before I headed to downtown Charlotte to hang out with Kate and Jenny for the night. We sat around and drank for a little while at Kate's apartment talking and what not and then went to dinner. We ran into another guy we had worked with in Steamboat who was working in the kitchen of the restaurant we were at. The beauty of having been a seasonal worker is you never know who you are going to run into or where! Then we went back to Kate's apartment and hung out drinking and waiting for her roommate and co-workers to get back so we could head out for a night on the town. As always when the "family" gets together even if it doesn't have all members in attendance it is always a good time. We had a great night out on the town proceeding to get bombed! We all made it back to Kate's apartment successfully which is a huge accomplishment with my track record of going out in Charlotte from back in the days of my internship! HAHA I have had some interesting times in that city to say the least!

Sunday was a day with the immediate Fam! We hung out all day and my Dad cooked up a delicious feast on the grill. It was great to hang out with my nephew and niece and the rest of the family. That night we went and watched Matt (my brother in law) play hockey in his adult league. I'm not sure which was more fun; watching Matt play or watching Brayden (my nephew) run around with his stick and puck wacking at everything in site!

Monday was pretty mellow hanging out with the Family before my Dad, Leslie, and I all left for the airport. My Mom dropped us off and she headed back to Reagan's to hang out for the day before she left on Tuesday. My travels could have been a little better on the way back but oh well no worries talking about that because the weekend was a total blast and worth every minute. I wish I would have had longer. Glad I could surprise the hell out of you Reagan!

With all that said... as usual I was glad to be back out in CO. The fall weather has definitely rolled in and the high country is full of snow! I am excited for the upcoming snowboard season and each day takes me one day closer to strappin on the boots and board for my favorite season! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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