Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why I Ride Tour

Well I made it into Denver this morning from Salt Lake at about 6 am. It was a long ride but I had some good time to reflect and got a bit of decent sleep. I then had to strap my boxed bike onto my bob trailer and push it about 10 blocks to the RTD station to get a free ride back to Boulder with my ECO Pass that work pays for. Strenuous but can't complain about saving a 2 hour layover in Denver waiting for Greyhound vs going straight to the station to get a ride home. Anywho I will have a couple of blogs coming about the trip with a few pics but be patient work is going to be a mess and just trying to recover from the trip. But I will get them out!

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Stephanie said...

but i don't want to be patient! ;)