Monday, September 10, 2007

Count Down 3 Days

The last two days I have had a couple of good rides after work. Monday was a pretty cool day and it was nice to go out for a ride without sweating my butt off. Today was what I would consider a perfect temperature. You could get a bit of a sweat going but it was not to hot at all.

The legs still seem like they might be suffering a bit from the Rabbit Ears 10K. It's amazing what kind of a toll running takes on my body these days. Also sitting at a desk all day makes it hard to get the legs going. It usually takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to get settled in and most rides after work are only about an hour to 1.5 hours since it is starting to get dark early so I barely get going when I have to come back in. I also find it hard to just go out for a calm ride when I am by myself. I always end up really pushing the pace which I think will help me when I am touring. Hopefully anyway.

I talked to AJ again today and he is going to see a burn specialist tomorrow and hopefully he will have good news sometime tomorrow that they wound is healing how it should. He is in Bozeman now and will be there until I arrive on Saturday. I also made what I hope to be my last trip to REI to purchase my final gear. I got some shoe covers that will keep my feet warm and dry if we happen to get into any rain. I also got some compression bags that will help keep my load in the trailer compact and stable, not to mention keep all my wet dirty clothes seperate from the clean stuff. Although I am sure a lot of my stuff will not be clean for most of the trip haha. Part of the price you pay. I am sure it won't be any worse tha the pig crap I used to come home smelling like working on the farm!

On a final note I am flying through a book called Ultra Marathon Man that I got from Graham. It is a biography of Dean Karnazes. This guy is absolutely insane and motivational at the same time. The limits he has pushed is body to are unimaginable. He has run the Western States 100 (an extreme 100 mile trail run through the Sierra Nevada Mts), the Badwater (135 miles through Death Valley on the road), and a marathon to the South Pole in Antartica and there is more to come as I finish up the book. Reagan you should tell Matt to read this book he would love it for sure.

That's all for now. Only three more long busy days at work and I am free for almost two weeks! The anticipation is building!

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