Friday, September 14, 2007

Departure for Adventure

I sit here tonight all packed up but the minor things that I will be taking with me in my backpack on the bus. I am making final adjustments to the ipods contents taking music from Tim's Computer to my harddrive and finally onto my ipod. It has great benefits working at a software company as I got my buddy Robert from work to hook me up with 4 movies to convert and put onto my ipod as well to help the 19 hour bus ride pass when I am not reading or hopefully getting some sleep.

I looked at my bus schedule and it turns out I have a hour and twenty minute layover in Cheyenne and then another 2 hour layover in Gillette. Should be amazingly boring, especially since I have done the same drive numerous times! Oh well though a small price to pay for the adventure I am going to embark on!

Not much else to say other than I can't wait to get the show on the road and I will be sure to blog about all the details of the ride. I hope to have some good pictures that either AJ or myself take and some good stories to tell about the ride. The later is guarenteed whenever AJ and I get together! Until then peace, love, and hairgrease.

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