Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm an Idiot

First things first:

1. I'm an idiot.
2. Good thing I work for a laid back Company.
3. Now the story of my Friday.

I woke up this morning with the plan of riding my bike into work. I hit the snooze alarm several times and decided to get out of bed. My coffee was already brewed and waiting for me as I had set the timer the night before. I sat down with my coffee and checked my email and what not. I hadn't packed the night before so I started throwing everything in my bag. I put in my jacket in case it rained, jeans, boxers, t-shirt, and all my toiletries. I proceeded out to the kitchen finally waking up as my coffee was kicking in. I made a delicious sandwich, fruit salad which I already had all cut up and put in a container, chips, and cookies. I put all of that in my bag as well.

I moved on to throwing on the cycling clothes, made a mental note to grab my sandals, phone, wallet, work key, and house key. I grabbed all of my tools and tubes for the bike ride to work, filled my water bottles, threw on the helmet, sunglasses, and bike shoes. I put my wallet, phone, and keys in my bag and I was ready to go.

I started out riding pretty hard as I made my way south through Boulder. As I came out the south side of town and started heading west up marshall rode I was feeling really tired and the legs were burning. I had somewhat of a head wind that made the rest of the ride kind of grueling. I blamed it on the fact that I didn't eat before I left but every Friday we have bagels at work so I never eat before I leave. I should have. As I finally made it to work I came up to the door to let myself in and rack my bike. As I opened the door I thought about taking off my riding shoes and putting on my sandals. Then it hits me and I say to myself; "DAMNIT! I FORGOT MY SANDALS!" Then I think wait I have shoes in my car. "IDIOT YOU JUST RODE YOUR BIKE YOUR CAR IS NOT HERE!" Yup I am an idiot. So I text Tim to bring my sandals to work. I take a shower, still no answer from Tim. He doesn't have class till noon so he is probably still givin the couch some love sleeping in. Yes he prefers the couch over his bed. So I decided to suck it up and see if my boss will take me back to my house to get my sandals. Of course he says no problem because he is awesome and we head back to Boulder because I'm an idiot.

As a result of this I will definitely be keeping a pair of shoes at work in case this ever happens again. Anyway the rest of the day was pretty uneventful but busy. The ride home was a little bit better but the legs are still sore from the 10K run last weekend. Oh well just glad I work for a good company with good people!

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