Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in the Office

Today was my first day back in the office after taking a week of sick time and then working from home for a week. My morning started out a little rough as half way to work I realized I forgot my wallet and phone. On any other day I would have said forget about it but I wanted to send out my gifts for my Mom & Dad that are well over due. That's another story. Anywho, I turned around went back and got them and the rest of the day turned out relatively smooth.

Tomorrow is a big day! Registration opens for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Mountain Bike Race which I am stoked to do again! The event takes place on May 8th down near the four corners west of Durango in Cortez, CO. Cortez is home to Osprey Backpacks for all you backpackers out there and some SWEET! single track. Not to mention Mesa Verde National Park is right there as well. Last year I told my buddy Greg I would like to do it as a Duo and he was much obliged to be my partner.

This is Greg... the old man! He calls this picture "Holding back the Vomit!"

Greg aka Fiona (as I call him) is a absolute hoot and it should be quite the riot racing with him! Normally people like to talk smack to the other teams and such but for some reason I have a feeling we will be talking smack to each other. I'll probably be yelling at him telling him to get his skirt out of the chain and who knows what he will have to say back it's always original and hilarious! The Trek Bicycle Store of Boulder Team should have a few other riders there as well who I will be cheering on and helping out in between switching off laps with Greg. I CAN'T WAIT!!

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