Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Happy Boy!!

My iBook G4 slowed me down for the last time this morning! I have been contemplating a new MacBook for quite sometime now but haven't pulled the trigger. I was tired of not being able to watch video at full speed, watch Netflix online, or even run certain programs because my iBook didn't have an intel chip (basically it is just too old). I knew I wanted to get a Mac and not a PC even though PC's are far cheaper. However, in 5 years of using a Mac I never had any problems with it other than the one time that I blew the harddrive up which was totally my fault.

Everything about a Mac is better for home use in my mind. I play with pictures, music, now video with my new helmet cam, watch TV, and movies on it, I do everything on my computer and just believe it is a better way to go for me. Finally I must say I am stoked with it as I type from the new digs right now!

I also have to give a shout out to my Dad for contributing. I was just going to get a refurbished MacBook to save a little dough because I had heard people say they are pretty reliable but my Dad thought otherwise (due to previous experience with refurbished electronics) and just told me to get a new one. Thanks again for watching out Pops!

Looks like some snowboarding should be had this weekend. Not much new snow but there was some over the week so perhaps we can at least do a bit of riding. Other than that I will be trying to catch up on some work since my week has been filled with nothing but meetings it seems like and Ellen will be studying now that she is fully emerged in school.

PS watched XGames Super Pipe Qualifying tonight and Shaun White is on Lock!! The dude looks amazingly smooth and if he keeps this up he will be bringing the US home another gold medal! Scotty Lego (another Olympian for 2010) did not qualify which is very disappointing. Perhaps a bit of inexperience and nerves missing his last trick on both runs. Really wishing Kevin Pierce and Danny Davis didn't get hurt! Hope they are both on their way to recovery!

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