Friday, January 29, 2010

Race Season Update

I thought I would give everyone a bit of an update on what I am planning to do this year as far as mountain bike racing! Of course I am no where near ready for any type of racing but I hope to start consistent riding beginning next week. I say consistent because I have been riding BUT not very much making sure I don't over do it to soon.

I'll start off with our team kits of this year. Dave, one of the Owners of the Trek Bicycle Stores in Boulder and Louisville designed them with some input from the team members after a first run mock up. I am super excited about getting them. Dave and Brian the two owners of the Trek Bicycle Stores are pouring their heart and soles into racing this year sponsoring a mountain bike team, road team, and triathlon team! Thanks again guys for all your support. See my links at the right of the page if you want to know more about the Trek Bicycle Stores of Boulder & Louisville. So without further adue:

Trek Bicycle Store 2010 Race Kits

The first race on the list this year will be May 8th! I am returning to the 12 hours of Mesa Verde in Cortez, CO. I am already registered for this race (team name = Dukes of Dirt!) with my buddy Greg in the duo category. Last year I did this race solo but I thought it would be run to do as a team as well. Can't wait to ride the awesome trails in what is called Phil's World down in Southwest Colorado. There will be several other guys from the team there as well running the solo category.

Next on the race schedule Memorial Day weekend will be The Original Growler! (10 Trek Bicycle Store riders are racing including Dave one of the owners)

This is an awesome race in Gunnison, CO put on by none other than Dave Wiens, a mountain bike icon! This year the race sold out in less than a day! The field is limited to 250-300 riders and has gained a lot of recognition in what is now it's 3rd year. This race holds a special place in my heart as it was the first mountain bike race I ever did. I hope to improve my time greatly this year and I also hope the weather doesn't end up like it did last year! See picture below of me COLD, MUDDY, & WET!

The rest of the season stacks up maybe something like the following:

Jun 12 - Winter Park Hill Climb
June 26 - Winter Park Super Loop
Jul 10 - Winter Park Point to Point
Jul 17 - Silver Rush 50 Leadville, CO (Depending if I get into the Leadville 100)
Jul 31 - Laramie Enduro Laramie, WY
Aug 14 - Leadville 100 Leadville, CO (Lottery Notification Feb 8th)
Aug 14 - Winter Park Mary Jane Circuit (Backup for Leadville 100)
Aug 22 - Full Tilt MSC Telluride, CO
Aug 28 - Winter Park King of the Rockies
Aug ??? - Pierre's Hole 50/100 Grand Targhee Resort, WY
Sep 4 - Park City Point to Point - Park City, UT
Oct 9 - 24 Hours of Moab

Nothing set in stone yet but those are the major options as of now. I am looking forward to it! Hopefully some good video from these races as well! Stay tuned!


MoabUtah said...

Happy to see 24 hours of Moab on your race list. If you should ever catch wind of a race director, thinking about Moab for another race another time of year. I would be the contact to help connect to all things Moab for Events.

Steph said...

ummmmm....brandon kent......i do not see any races on this list that are anywhere close to me. fix that please. thank you.