Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweet relief!

Yes Saturday morning was a fantastic time for me! I finally got back on the bike! Well sort of. I rode the trainer at a super easy pace for 50 minutes while Ellen was out running. I have truly never been so happy to be on the trainer. I was officially going crazy on the inside, and I'm guessing the outside as well if you asked Ellen.

Let's take a step back though. Last week as I posted on Monday was my first week back in the office in several weeks. We are currently going through our year end close so the week was busy and this next week will be as well. Getting out of the apartment was good for me and I think it helped progress the healing process. As the week went I was able to get back into my groove a little bit.

Wednesday night I picked up Ellen from the airport as she had flown back in from three weeks in California and Arizona. We got a snow storm that day as well so the roads were interesting getting back from the airport but nothing horrible. Mostly just the amazingly terrible Colorado drivers that always make things interesting.

I have been trying to keep my diet pretty healthy to aide in the recovery of the virus the best I can. In addition to adding a daily vitamin I have actually found a pretty good setup for my lunch at work. It involves the following:

Midmorning Snack
Banana or yogurt & fresh granola mid morning snack

-Whole wheat pita or bread with turkey breast, green & red peppers, pepperjack cheese, & spinach, usually a bit of honey mustard as well (avocado occasionally as well)
-Carrots & Cucumbers
-Boulder Canyon Natural Foods "Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper" Potato Chips (AMAZING!)
-Some kind of cookie (I'm not that big of a stickler!)

Afternoon snack
-Apple or Pear usually but any fruit
-String cheese or Nuts (Raw Almonds & Walnuts)

I have also greatly cut back my caffeine intake. I was drinking way to much coffee in the mornings and I have started to drink caffeine free tea as a substitute. I do still love my coffee don't get me wrong but I have to put some kind of a limiter on it. Tea has been a fantastic solution.

So back on the topic of getting back on the bike. I must state that I am not doing any sort of hard ride at all. Just trying to get the legs spinning again and working on pedaling drills to make my pedal stroke more efficient and smooth. The ride on Saturday was fantastic! My heart rate was in the 130s for the whole ride and would occasionally go into the 140s during the pedaling drill intervals.

After our workouts Ellen and I went over to Abby and Brendan's to watch football. We ordered up some pizza and chilled out for the game. It was a super good time and a great way to spend the afternoon.

Today I rode the trainer for an hour with the same routine as Saturday and once again felt very good. I will continue this routine for several weeks and possible start to add in a core workout as well to rebuild my strength. My sanity just may come back yet!

Ellen went up snowboarding today with Abby and Brendan and they also met up with Tim and Amy for a short bit. It's a bummer to be missing out on the snowboarding however I am stoked to at least be making some kind of physical progress in getting back to normalcy.

All for now... sorry for the randomness. I wanted to write something tonight but my thought's aren't all together, DEAL WITH IT HAHA!

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