Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ups and Downs of Recovery

Tea in hand, day two of rest, day two of core performance. As many of you have seen on Facebook or Twitter I got in a couple of good rides this weekend outside! Only problem was the ride on Sunday with my buddy Jon in combination with a late night celebrating Greg's birthday at the Avs Hockey Game left me worn out.

I took yesterday off other than starting my core performance work out which is only 30-45 minutes of core exercises. Today was a good day at work however I was still feeling pretty worn out when I got home so I just did my core workout again and decided another night of rest wouldn't hurt. I guess the driving winds Jon hand to pull me home in on Sunday wore me out big time. I am ok with resting though since I definitely don't want to over do it and delay myself even longer coming back. I'm just trying to listen to my body.

Not this past weekend but the weekend before Ellen and I stayed up at Keystone with Brendan and Abby as they had several friends from New York City come out to do some snowboarding. We had a great time with everyone and no one got hurt so that is a plus. There were definitely some humorous wrecks witnessed none of which were by me since I was just trying to stay upright with the pretty sketchy conditions. The New Yorkers loved being on the big mountains though and it was good to see them having a good time.

This past weekend Ellen and I finally saw Avatar in 3D. Overall, I was impressed, it was a good movie and it actually left me feeling like I was in a dreamland for a little bit afterwards. Maybe I was just tired who knows. Saturday I went for my first post sickness bike ride outside and Ellen studied all day now that she is back in school. We took it easy the rest of the night watching a movie and cooking dinner. Sunday we woke up to some howling winds which left me contemplating the days ride with Jon. Ellen took off for a run and came back saying it really wasn't to bad outside. Jon should up around 11 and we headed out. The first 1:45 min was not bad but the last 45 min was pretty much wind induced torture which led me to the need for rest I spoke about earlier. I bonked out for a little bit and Jon blocked the wind pulling me in. I was able to recover a somewhat and he bonked out so I took a pull on the front as well. Instead of heading right back to the apartment we took a short detour to Chipotle for a burrito and then it was just the 9th St. Hill back to the Apt to devour our burritos and call it a good day.

The weekend ended with the Avs Hockey game at the Pepsi Center for Greg's birthday. I was informed by Greg and Mary Beth at the game that they may be leaving us here on the Front Range. Mary Beth was offered back her position in Mt. Rainier National Park that she held this past summer and has not received to many job offers otherwise which makes for a hard decision. Greg works from home for a sister company of mine so relocating is not a big deal for him. However, I am definitely hoping they are able to stay around Colorado as they are two of the best people I know around here!

Ellen and I at the Avs Game

Just another day in paradise otherwise. Time for me to finish my tea and hit the sack. Hope everyone is well!

PS Helmet Cam is mounted for the next trip snowboarding!


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