Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year A true "fresh" start

I am going to go ahead and follow suit with a lot of what has been going on in the blogger and twitter worlds. Everyone is saying good by to 2009 and hello to 2010.

Overall 2009 was a great year for me. My love for mountain biking has gone through the roof and I can definitely say I am addicted. I was able to join a fantastic bike team in that of the Trek Bicycle Store of Boulder. These guys truly love cycling and really put themselves out there to show their love of the sport taking care of so many riders. The owners, the employees, and the riders are amazing people and a lot of fun to be around. Thanks for everything guys and I look forward to 2010!

In 2009 I also met an awesome girl by the name of Ellen as most of you know. I met her for the first time almost a year ago through mutual friends in Steamboat. I was up there to do some snowboarding and hang out with friends like I usually do each year and she caught my eye from the beginning. I didn't hang out with her again until June when our friend Jenny moved out to Steamboat from North Carolina, worked her magic and next thing I knew we were hanging out in Steamboat and Boulder over the summer. She has since moved down to Ft. Collins to head back to school at CSU to get her 2nd degree and we are doing great!

Another highlight was when my Dad come out to go to the Drag Races at Bandimere Raceway. We hadn't gone to the drags since I was a kid in Indianapolis. It really took me back in time with the sheer thunder those cars produce and I LOVED IT. Pops also went to one of my Winter Park races and it was amazing to have there to see what the races are like.

My Mom also made a memorable trip out with her friends. They all came out to explore the Colorado high country and attend my Breckenridge 100 race. We had a good time wandering the town and hanging out. I bonked out of the race this year which was disappointing I couldn't finish for all of them but some days you just don't have it. It was still awesome to have them all there. My Mom also got to meet Ellen as she came down for my race and she had a half marathon trail run of her own the next day at Vail which she completed!

These were just a few of the great things that went down for me this year. The end of 2009 wasn't so pleasant for me as many of you know. Mono and Strep have had me in the cellar for the last two weeks. I was able to work from home this week which kept me occupied some what from thinking about not being able to do anything active. However, as I said from the beginning of the Mono experience I am looking at this as beneficial. When 2010 arrives it is like a fresh beginning and rebuilding period. I am feeling much better and can now say I am ready to take 2010 head on.

It will be a slow fresh beginning but I am looking forward to it. I hope everyone is safe tonight and I'll see you all on the flip side!

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