Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mono Update/Leadville 100 Wager

I continue to have my appetite which has to be helping with the recovery. Yesterday I picked up some advil and vicks nasal spray which have both helped curb some of the symptoms and I felt a bit better yesterday. I was really hoping to get some good rest last night and I did for about 5 hours. Then it was back to the night sweats and waking up every hour tossing and turning.

Today it feels like the swelling in my neck is finally holding steady. Still have a bit of a sore throat and some drainage but I don't seem to be getting any worse. Still feel worn down but the body aches have seemed to subside.

To pass the time last night I was looking at more races for the 2010 race season and was checking out registration for the Leadville 100 as it has opened for the the Lottery process. There are so many applicants for this race that they do a lottery drawing. Last year I didn't get in so I was amped to sign up again this year. However, when I looked at the entry fees they upped it $25 and are charging a $15 application fee. I found this to be totally bogus and was starting to second guess entry. Lance Armstrong has raced in the Leadville 100 the last two years and the applicant entry numbers have gone crazy since.

The thought of racing in this race because of Lance has never been a thought in my mind because who cares. You see the guy at the starting line and then again on course when he is like 3-4 hours ahead of you on the return leg of the race. That isn't a pleasure it's demoralizing haha! The lure to this race is not the course either as there is not much singletrack. The lure is the fact that you are racing at 9,500 ft up to 12,000 ft above sea level for 100 miles. This makes the race extremely challenging not to mention the amount of climbing involved. The lure is purely the extreme nature of the race in my mind. You will go through so many highs and lows during the race mentally and physically it's a real fight to the finish.

Matt my bro-in-law saw my post on Twitter last night that I was contemplating not entering the race because of the price tag to enter. He was kind enough to enlighten me again on the fact that I need to take the opportunity to do such a race while I can. So I made a wager with him. If I get into the race and complete in the 12 hour time limit then he picks up the entry fee. If I get in and do not make it then I am stuck with the tab. So game on keep your fingers crossed I get in!

Alright nap time. Hope everyone is doing well.


Julie said...

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It works well on my sore throat!

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