Saturday, December 19, 2009

Been a long time

Well been like 8 months since my last blog post because I got caught up in the simplicity of twitter and wasn't really having much to write about. Not going to try and back track to what has occurred in the last 8 months but rather move forward.

Four weeks ago I went to the Dr. for the first time in a long time because had come down with some serious congestion for two weeks and decided it was finally time to see if the Dr. couldn't clear things up a little sooner with an antibiotic or something. Dr. put me on amoxicillin and I headed off to Chartlotte for a pre-Thanksgiving visit to my sisters to see my her as well as my niece, nephew, and bro-in-law as well as my friend Kate. I figured that would be the end of it.

Fast forward 4 weeks and I all of the sudden get a really swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck and was really starting to feel fatigued at work. It continues to grow so 3 days later which would have been yesterday Friday morning I decided I need to go to the Dr. again. Not happy as I hate the Dr. and usually get through small sicknesses with no problem. Dr. has a look and takes a throat swab and gets blood for blood work. I wait two hours and call back. Diagnosis = Mononucleosis positive?!?! WHAT REALLY?!?! Yup all other levels looks good as far as white blood cell count and electrolytes etc. Well doesn't this suck.

I had just gone to our Trek Bicycle Store Team meeting the night before and was getting pumped to really start riding for the 2010 race season. As I see it you can look at this situation in two ways:

1. Sit and sulk and let the virus tear you down until 4-6 weeks passes or
2. Realize this is one of the better times it could happen and plan how you are going to really take care of yourself and rebuild from it

I chose the latter. I have great support from work as my boss has had Mono before and he knows what it is like. I also have a lot of sick days left so with the support of my boss as well I will have ample time to get over the worst of it before going back to work. I am looking at this experience (though my body is fighting a strong virus) as recovery and planning time. I know it will be hard work to get my full body back into the demanding shape endurance mountain biking requires so planning will be key.

I am going to be very patient with this recovery and try not to work too fast to regain my strength. Mono can tear you down and stick with you for a long time if you don't give your body the proper time and care to recover. Not to mention most of the activities I partake in have a good chance of collision injuries which can make the spleen burst as it is sensitive because of the virus. Snowboarding and biking are both in the waiting pattern for a while.

All that said how do I currently feel? I am definitely in the early stages from what I can see. I have body aches and feel weak and fatigued. Minor sore throat but nothing bad yet. My neck is a bit stiff and achy from the small potato sized swollen lymph node on my neck (this is what bothers me most). I am hoping this all holds steady and I can get lots of rest and nourishment this week since I will be home from work and I will hopefully make the turn.

Sorry to those of you who I haven't returned your calls. Stephanie and Justin. I will try to get back to you tomorrow or this week. Just haven't felt like talking much but don't worry I'll get back to you.

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Lincoln said...

Glad to see another post from you. I was thinking you had just given up on blogging altogether.