Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Challenge to be set

The last two weeks have been some what of a whirl wind at work. Patrick and I have been going hard on new consolidation software as well as working on many iterations of the 2009 Budget. I have definitely put in some hours over the last two weeks and the days seem to keep getting longer not shorter but I won't complain too much because we are getting somewhere with it all and I have been learning a lot. We should be wrapping the budget up hopefully tomorrow night and a bit into Friday if some things don't flow right into the new consolidation package on the first try.

In family news Reagan, Matt, Brayden, and Camden came out to visit for a long weekend last weekend. We had a good time hanging out though the weather wasn't perfect with a lot of wind. We ate well and spent quality time together and that is all that matters.

In personal news it sounds like Greg might come into the office tomorrow and we could be signing up for the BC Bike Race! He told me he is down to do it we just have to sign up and hopefully there is still a spot open. I purchased a new mountain bike from a guy at the bike shop I always go to. It was a steal and the fact that Robert my buddy at work will likely buy my old mountain bike makes it even more of a steal (though I will miss it with all the work I put into it this summer and simply the sentimental value). I put some good miles on the new bike last weekend and I super pleased with it. I kept the wheels off my old bike which were the big investment this year and I love them! I also sent Greg an email today about another race that is starting this week. It is called the La Ruta and it is in Costa Rica. Supposedly it is one of the hardest mountain bike races out there. It is 4 days 235 miles and 45,000 ft of vertical gain. The race goes from coast to coast through some miserable but also amazing terrain. We will see how the BC Race goes and this could be another event sometime down the road I might find myself getting into. But first things first. I will be sure to let you all know when we are officially signed up for the BC Race and it is game on.

I am starting to feel a bit of an itch for snowboarding but the weather has still been pretty nice down here on the Front Range (though I have only seen about 25 minutes of day light each day) so I am not pushing getting up into the mountains just yet. Sounds like Greg, John, a lady friend of John's, and I are going to do some mountain biking on Saturday down towards Morrison so that should be a good time. I am really looking forward to this weekend and finally having the first round of the budget done.

All for now. Hope everyone is well.

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Lincoln said...

I'm with you on the snowboarding itch. I'm so thankful for 4 seasons. Those Floridians have no idea what they're missing.