Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sickness is a downer

Yeah I definitely picked up a full on cold as much as I didn't want to tell myself that is what was happening. Friday at work I felt crummy. Saturday I tried to ride it out of myself and today I finally listened to by body and didn't do anything except for clean up around the apartment and get groceries. I think my body appreciated it though I am still congested and have some drainage with a slight cough at the same time.

Anywho, the ride on Saturday was super fun. We pretty much took it really easy because the trail was super technical and we had some riders with us who were a little sketched out in the nasty rocky sections (and there were quite a few of them). Which was actually good because I didn't have the legs or the lungs to go constantly. Soooo we turned it into a picture day which was a great idea since I haven't done that much recently since we have just been flying around the trails.

Back to work tomorrow with still a busy week however I think the hours should be some what back to normal even though things will still be lively our French Internal Auditors here for the rest of the week and catch up on neglected duties along with further Concur Implementation.

Here are some pictures that most of you who read this have probably already seen either from Facebook or through the link I sent you.

The dude who will hopefully be my partner in the BC Bike Race Greg tearing through the nasty slanted jolting rocks.

The Group

Steep? Nut uh!

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