Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Rob and I successfully wore the crap out of each other today. I met Rob down at White Ranch this morning for what is one of the most brutal climbs around due to the loose rock and steep grades. Not to mention Rob has joined the single speed mecca that has been established in recent years. He rides his mountain bike with 1 gear. Insane. I rode a bit heavier gear than what I normally would to try and feel some of his pain as well but that kid is a beast. I am really wanting my lungs and leg power back but I know it will take a bit. I just get frustrated when I can't ride to my capabilities.

Once we hit the downhill it was game on though. This trail has some absolutely nasty water bars on the trail. These are wood timbers that angle the water off the trail to prevent erosion. However it is super nasty to have them in the corners and makes you have to be super focused and on top of your bike handling when flying into them at high speed. I have had my fair share of ass over tea kettles on this freakin trail... which I guess is what brings me back to it :)... gotta have a challenge! They are even more of a challenge to climb up on the uphills. Anywho the downhill we took is called Long Horn and there are some sections that are straight up nasty with rocks. They are steep, technical, tight, and most likely have another obstacle after you make it through the rocks. We passed a guy who was climbing up on a single speed rigid 29er mountain bike and wasn't even breathing hard. This trails is hard to go down let alone freakin climb up. I aspire to be that guy. Just to explain his bike, it doesn't have any suspension just 29 inch wheels vs. 26 inch standard wheels which allow it to climb better, roll over things better, and the rigid frame allows for better power transfer from the pedals.

Here are some pictures from the ride. We didn't get any pictures of the nasty rocky sections because you have to hold your speed through them and Rob and I usually ride pretty close together and have to much fun so we don't stop very often haha... sorry...

Rob coming through a steep section... pictures just don't do justice sometimes

Rob flying down the steps... watch the dust fly.. love having this guy on the Front Range! (He just moved down from Steamboat)

Rob then me flying down over a drop with a great view of the snowless sunny November Front Range... too hazy in the picture but a good view of the city of Denver was in the distance..

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Robert said...

You'll have to let me know how that new bike is treating you...