Friday, November 14, 2008


I awoke to Boulder's first snow of the year this morning! Looks like that was about it though. Supposed to warm up again this weekend and into the first part of the week next week. Winter is coming though.

Patrick and I finally finished up and published the budget today. We decided to stay pretty late last night to try and get most of it done because we figured there would probably be something that didn't turn out right once we got the budget into Maggie aka Magnitude our new consolidation software. Boy were we right. We found out that our database wasn't properly distributing our facilities allocations like our accounting softwawre we have set up since moving to Maggie. We decided to call it quits last night around 10:30pm and wait till the morning to finish everything up. I came home and worked for another 2 hours trying to get our revenue all set up and worked out amongst intercompany and third party's. I was successful and headed to bed around 12:30am.

I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday with a sore throat and knew I probably wasn't going to feel so well today. I ended up drinking a ton of green tea and honey this morning at work and started to feel better but things seem to be moving to my sinuses now.

Anywho I screwed around with the expense input into Maggie today and struggled for a while trying to match up all the intercompany and third party expenses but by 2pm I was successful with NO ERRORS! Only bad thing was that I now had to input the changes to the allocations that Patrick had been working on. However, I now knew how to find the errors and after a bit fiddling by just after 5pm the 2009 Budget was ready to published! I peaced out immediately. It was good to get home tonight and be able to clean up the kitchen and get the bike ready for my ride tomorrow morning with Greg, possibly his wife, John, and his friend.

Hopefully a good ride in the chilly clear mountain morning air will help clear out this nastiness that is hanging in my body. It hasn't been too bad and hopefully I can work it out without it getting to bad. Off to bed for this guy. It should be a nice peaceful weekend around here.

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