Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I went for my ride today. Climbed Look Out Mountain down in Golden. Mother this is the road we drove up to go to Buffalo Bill's Grave. We saw the mountain bike trail and I said I should ride it. I finally got around to it. After being sick... yeah it whooped my ass. There are some super steep climbs and switch backs at the bottom that sucked the life out of me. Will be a good training ride after work next spring. It was a fun trail and good to ride something new.

Went out to dinner with my buddy Rob, his girlfriend, and her sister tonight. Rob just moved down from Steamboat and I am stoked to have him around here. It was a good time and we will be heading out to ride tomorrow down at White Ranch near Golden. Greg and Jon might join us as well but I haven't heard for sure.

So what this post is really about. I just added Joel and Neil Kauffman's blog as a link on this page to the right. Some absolutely breath taking pictures of rock and ice climbing. Just have a look through and you will see some amazing things. These guys have turned into amazing climbers. I think they might be headed down to South America. Not sure though. Just have to keep checking back as they have not posted in a month.

Also I have added Graham Knapp's Blog. Graham is heading to India. He is going there for the first month with his friend Ryan who I had the pleasure to meet last year and then he is going to continue working there. If you read his first post you will find out more about Ryan and why she is going back and what Graham will be doing while he is there. Enjoy!


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