Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well Hello

Not to much going on out here besides work. Been busy and frustrating at times but I have had a much bigger part in the budget process this year which has been pretty interesting. Patrick has been leaving much of the input and collection of data to me and he provides me with helpful analysis and things to look for. I am also continuing with the implementation of a new expense system though it has been slow with Concur being busy as well as myself. However, we will be into testing and production before the end of the month or early December hopefully.

Jennifer Jean Galardi aka Jennifer White will be out here this weekend with her husband Andy staying down in Denver with Andy's brother. It will be good as always to hang out with her for a few nights and catch up.

The weather is supposed to be spectacular out here this weekend so I am sure I will be out on the bikes in the morning before hanging out with Jen and Andy during the afternoons and nights. There is also some cyclo-cross going on this weekend here in Boulder if I remember correctly and I am hoping to catch a race. I haven't been to one yet but I hear they can be quite a riot.

One week from tonight Reagan, Matt, Brayden, and Camden will be out here and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I am so excited they are coming out here to hang out! Not to much else to ramble about. I am still awaiting a decision from Greg on whether or not he wants to do the BC Bike Race. I have been sending him emails daily pestering him. He is headed to Moab this weekend to ride and climb so hopefully he will come back with a decision. I just hope it isn't to late as I am sure registration is filling up quickly.

All for now.

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