Monday, October 6, 2008

Time's flyin

Well lets see folks. The trip to Portland was fantastic. I spent some great quality time with Jason and Shelly and they showed me a good time as always. My flight ended up being delayed for quite a while but Jason and Shelly were both there to greet me with smiling faces when I finally landed in Portland. We headed back downtown to their place parked the car and headed straight to Bridgeport Brewery for some delicious beer and pizza. We just hung out that night and played with Poncho (Sarah's cat Jason and Shelly are watching) and then headed to bed.

The next morning Jason and I dropped Shelly off at the Hotel downtown that Sarah and all of her ladies were getting ready at and Jason and I then headed out for some breakfast at the Stepping Stone. It was absolutely FANTASTIC! I had a chicken fried omelet covered in gravy and cheese! We had a nice little table outside and enjoyed some coffee and had some good conversation. We then headed back to the place and got ready for the wedding out on Saunie Island. The wedding took place at a farm out on the island under a big oak tree. The reception was held there as well and everything went perfectly. I got to see Sarah for a short bit wished her the best and then headed back downtown with Shelly and Jason for some dinner and then back to their place to hang out.

We got up in the morning had coffee and breakfast at their place and then they took me off to the airport to fly back. The weather was splendid and Portland is so much fun to visit especially when you have time with such great people.

It was then back to work all week keeping busy but getting on the bike for a few rides however the days are getting shorter and I am running out of time at night to ride. Looks like I will have to start putting the trainer to use during the weeks here before long.

It was a big week for mountain biking around Boulder as well as a new connector trail opened which connects Heil and Hall Ranch which are two big places to ride around here. The connector creates a 55 mile ride I can complete out the door of my apartment. It does include some time on the road but over half of it is on trail. My buddy Greg, his friend John, another guy Sean, and I all got out early Saturday morning to ride the the whole trek for the first time. We started at the parking lot of Heil Ranch so the total ride was about 33-34 miles. The weather was perfect. A bit over cast but we didn't mind as it kept the heat down. We all ended up pretty worked afterward but it was a blast and that ride is going to be my home training ground for my plans to do several endurance races next year. There isn't any horrible amount of climbing (although I don't consider any amount of climbing horrible :) ) but the power outputs on the ride are definitely difficult.

Left to right. Sean, Greg, John, and I at the top of Hall Ranch

Me, John, and Greg at the start of the connector Picture Rock Trail.

Retro Ride.

Work is pretty nasty busy and today already started out with a pretty long day with a few more to go. I am already looking forward to the weekend. Though the days may be long work is making the days go by quickly so I can't complain. Hope everyone is well.

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