Thursday, October 23, 2008

A New Challenge is in the Making


So I'll start by saying nothing is set in stone and it is still pretty up in the air. However, I have a new challenge in my sights. What is it you ask? Well hold your horses I'm about to tell you. It something called the BC Bike Race. What is this you ask? Well thank you for asking. It is a 7 day Mountain Bike Stage Race from Victoria, British Columbia to Whistler, British Columbia.

The race is two or four man teams which must start and finish together each day. In my case I would be riding with my friend Greg from work. He brought up the idea a few weeks ago while we were riding Heil and Hall Ranch. He was in Whistler this past summer downhilling on vacation with his wife and got the itch for the race. He is a great mountain biker and a shit ton of fun to hang out with. I told him it would probably be a year or two till I could go because it is quite expensive but then yesterday I sent him an article about a 5 day mountain bike stage race that is being put together for this coming summer in Breckenridge and he sent me a link for the BC race. I read about it and immediately fell in love with the thought of it. I decided there is plenty of time for me to get the funds for it and it would be the experience of a life time. Not very often are you going to meet up with someone who wants to throw down big bucks for a 7 days suffer fest in beautiful scenery, with ferry rides, and some of the best singletrack around (at least from what I hear).

The race is all inclusive. You get breakfast, aid stations, and dinner every night as well as first class treatment. They move your bags and set up your tent every night so all you have to do is ride, eat, and sleep. There are massages each day for a small fee, showers, and of course hundreds of bikers to hang out with. I can only imagine there are some awesome conversations after a full day of riding on unbelievable trails with amazing scenery.

Anyway I think the tables have turned and now that it is a reality on my end it is going to take some coaxing to get Greg to actually sign up for it. I told him he needs to step up or shut his face and quit talking about it. So for now we'll see what happens!

Check it out here...

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Lincoln said...

So I checked it out. I say do it. It looks awesome.